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Stormsure Glue Clear 285G Tube

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Tough, waterproof & flexible adhesive glue suitable for fixing rips, tears and leaks on kite bladders, valves & sails. It will stick to virtually any kite material and can form a thick film creating a patch-less repair. Also applicable to fix drysuits, wetsuits, tents, waders, boots, shoes, canopies and many more.

Stormsure Glue is extremely tough, waterproof, and flexible adhesive suitable to fix any kind of rip and tear on kites, bladders, valves or sail repairs. It will virtually stick to any kites material and can form a thick film creating a patch-less repair. Curing time is overnight or leaving it for up to 10 hours, this long curing process gives the glue its long lasting durability. For a quicker curing time a tiny amount of water can be added to the mixture.

Stormsure Glue is applicable also for repairing drysuits, wetsuits, awnings, groundsheet, inflatables, horse rugs, shoes, boots, waders, tents, woodwork, canopies, rips and cracks in wide variety of materials.

Recommended for kiteboarders, surfers, sailors, divers, hikers, fishermen, equestrians, hunters, campers etc!

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SKU RP0099-285
Manufacturer Stormsure
Colour Clear
Glue Size 1 x 285g Tube
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